Recently, bereavement volunteer Margarita Marnik shared a wonderful idea with hospice staff. We are sharing it here in order to invite your participation.

Margarita has noticed that many grieving people share stories of connection with their deceased loved ones (little signs that they are still with us). They carry those experiences in their hearts, but seldom share their experiences with others. Once someone has the courage to share an experience like this in a grief support group, it opens the door to other people sharing similar stories. These stories are inspiring, full of wonder and healing.

Margarita has suggested that we invite people who have had this type of experience to write their story, to be included in a collection. For now, this will probably be a loose-leaf binder that is kept at HVHC, available to anyone who needs some inspiration and hope as they are grieving. If the idea takes off, we may do something more formal with it, including the possibility of publishing some of them as a fundraiser for HVHC, down the road.  If this idea inspires you, please think about sharing your story (initially with no commitment to further use) to [email protected].  We look forward to hearing your stories!