We are a nonprofit volunteer organization providing support to patients with life limiting illness, their caregivers and families.  Our volunteers provide 2-4 hours per week of support, but additional hours may be requested. Volunteers visit in patient homes and nursing facilities.

Volunteers provide the following support to patients


Are you or a loved one feeling isolated and in need of companionship? Volunteers sit with patients and share stories, read together, watch TV, listen to music, write letters, sit outside, play games, have tea and the list goes on. Volunteers are open to what is best for the patient and often can be matched with similar interests.


Caregiver burnout is real. It is important to take time for yourself. Volunteers can sit for 2-4 hours while you go out to do errands, have lunch with a friend, take a walk, nap in another room, go to a movie and more. If it is catching up on chores, running errands, or taking some time for self care that you need, our volunteers are here to help. While you are out, your loved one can rest or do what feels best while the volunteer is there.

Vigil Support

For those who are nearing the very end of life, volunteers are trained to sit at the bedside and provide a calm presence and respite for the caregiver and family. Vigil is provided in the home and nursing facility setting.

Evensong Hospice Choir

For patients under hospice care, we can have our Evensong Hospice Choir who can come in to sing songs that would be welcomed by the patient. They have a variety of songs available including hymns, old time music, country and more. We have two groups – one serving the MDI area and the other serving the Blue Hill/Ellsworth area.

Life Stories

This program is for hospice patients who are interested in sharing a story, their life, or parts of their life for an audio recording to then be shared with those they choose. This can be a fun process for the patient and sometimes healing.

Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteers live throughout Hancock County supporting patients in their area. They bring kindness, compassion, and understanding to their role. They have gone through extensive training, a full screening, application and interview process. They are always ready to be of support to those in their community.

Lynda Tadema-Wielandt, Hospice Volunteer

“I enjoy everything about volunteering! Meeting patients, their families, their friends, their caregivers and having them trust me is an honor. I love seeing the patient smile and the caregiver look a little more relaxed. I shoveled the driveway of a patient and replaced a toilet seat. I have made scrambled eggs and gently brushed hair.”

Requesting a Volunteer

We partner with medical hospice and palliative care programs to provide volunteer services to their patients. If you or a loved one is receiving palliative care or hospice care services and want to learn more about how a volunteer can support you and your family, contact us at 207-667-2531 or email us at [email protected].