Our Evensong Hospice Choir sings for patients on Hospice and Palliative Care services and can be called in anytime during a patient’s journey from palliative care to hospice to those who are in transition and nearing the end of life’s journey. Depending on a person’s need and preferences, Evensong offers a choice of music ranging from  secular, hymns and gospel to folk and popular, even special requests.

Evensong East singing for participants at the Hospice Regatta in 2023 to show what Evensong is all about.

We have over 30 Evensong volunteers with two groups, one based on MDI and the other in Blue Hill. Together they meet the needs of all of Hancock County. Depending on the space and needs of the patient and family they will determine the size of the group. They sing in groups, as few as four to as many as twenty.

Patients and their families often respond emotionally to the music and find comfort in the deep human connection with the singers who have come to be present with them. There has been laughter and tears but mostly joy as patients remember songs from their past, sing along, and feel special by songs delivered just for them.

Our singers understand the journey of those with life limiting illness and bring warmth, kindness, respect, and open hearts to all who they visit and sing for. They sing in homes, nursing facilities and any place that the patient resides within Hancock County.

Getting ready to sing for a patient in a local facility.
Evensong West getting ready to warm up their voices on a cold day before heading in to sing for a patient and family.

Evensong Volunteer
Evensong West (Blue Hill)

Hunt Gressitt

“It is a privilege to be able to reach people at such an important time of their lives and to reach them at such a deep and touching level with music that is important and meaningful to them. I am especially grateful to be doing this with such a talented and dedicated group of singers.”

Evensong Volunteer
Evensong East (MDI)

Cookie Horner

“Singing for patients and families is all about human connection. It brings me joy to be able to provide comfort to those nearing the end of life through beautiful music.”

Healthcare Providers can request a visit from one of our Evensong Groups
by sending a referral through our Provider Portal.

Community members can also request Evensong
by calling 207-667-2531 or emailing [email protected].