Each year Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County provides those in the community the opportunity to further explore end-of-life care, death, dying and bereavement. Workshops and seminars are ways for the community to come together and learn from each other.

If you would like to arrange for an educational program in your community, please call Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County at 667-2531.

Little Free Library

We now have a Little Free Library in front of the Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County house at 14 McKenzie Ave, Ellsworth. Todd Bewig of Hancock volunteered to create our new Little Free Library, which is a beautiful big wooden cabinet. A sincere Thank You to Todd!

Office Manager Beverly Lamoureux put the finishing touches on it, and we are so pleased to invite you and our community to stop by and peruse the books, which are available for anyone to take, free of charge.

Find our little library on the map at littlefreelibrary.org/ourmap. Type in zip code 04605, zoom in on the map and click on our marker and see our library photo!

Examples of our community outreach programs

Choosing Resilience: Developing a Healthy Approach to Aging

With a healthy approach we can respond more positively to the losses that come with aging, such as the death of loved ones and impaired health.

High resilience later in life has been associated with reduced depression and mortality risk, better self-perceptions of aging successfully, increased quality of life, and improved lifestyle behaviors.
~ Geriatric Nursing, Vol. 37, issue 4

Being Mortal - screening and discussion of the PBS FRONTLINE film

A free screening and discussion of the PBS FRONTLINE film Being Mortal.  Based on the best-selling book by Atul Gawande, MD, this documentary explores the hopes of patients and families facing terminal illness and their relationships with the physicans who treat them.

“Hope is not a plan.”  ~ Dr Atul Gawande

See the film and part of a national conversation that brings medical professionals and community members together around the shared responsibility of discussing what matters most to patients and families facing treatment decisions and how to have these conversations ahead of a medical crisis.

“Arriving at an acceptance of one’s mortality is a process, not an epiphany.” ~ Dr. Atul Gawande

Planning to Live to 100?

The end of life is a topic that can sound depressing and scary. But our volunteers report that working with those who are dying and those who are left behind is some of the most life-giving and rewarding work they have ever done. And guess what? “Research shows volunteering delays the effects of aging and extends years of healthy life. Those who volunteer have less depression, along with a greater sense of control over one’s life and higher rates of self-esteem and happiness.”  (Eric Schneidewind, President and National Volunteer Spokesperson, AARP)

This informational session  is designed so to learn more about becoming a volunteer for Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County. You will learn how our volunteers are able to provide bereavement support as well as patient care companionship and respite support for those in their end of life journeys. You will learn about the training involved, the flexibility offered, the community our volunteers find in volunteering, and how Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County differs from the medical hospice organizations with whom we work closely.

Hospice Myths Debunked

Hospice Offers More Than You Think

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County offers a free informational session surrounding the common myths about hospice care, while also sharing information about how hospice services go far beyond what many people realize. Hospice Volunteer services available to individuals and families will be explained with the goal of serving patients and their families earlier in their journeys.

Additionally, we will provide information about other services Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County provides such as assistance with Advance Care Directives and bereavement support for families before and after their loved ones have died. We encourage you to attend this informational session that will extend beyond the myths and confusion surrounding this topic.

Health Quest with Healthy Acadia

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County is pleased to partner with Healthy Acadia, public libraries and other community organizations across Downeast Maine to launch the Health Quest Challenge.  We encourage overall wellness and these Health Quest challenges will increase health literacy.

Veterans and Caregivers Outreach program

Our Veterans and Caregivers Outreach program, which includes our commitment to serving veterans and their families with understanding and compassion; with Patient Care and Caregiver support, with Bereavement Support and Community Education and Partnerships.

We are proud to have partnered with the Togus VA Medical Center in Augusta in developing related services, and give a big Thumbs Up to the Hospice program at Togus – a beautiful hospice and palliative care center. For more information about Hospice Veterans resources, please contact us at [email protected].