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Thanks from John

I want to thank you and Hospice for the amazingly helpful ministries that we received at a particularly needful time in our odyssey.

For much of the time over the years of (my wife’s) illness, her needs were manageable with only light medical supervision. I was easily able to take her to periodic check-ups – and during her two brief hospitalizations, I had the stamina to stay with her 24/7, as was my commitment to do.

But during the last several weeks of her journey, much more was needed by way of expert help, yet it was extremely important to us that it be given at home. Hospice was the perfect answer – far beyond my initial expectations. It is designed to meet every sort of need – spiritual, psychological, physical. I can’t begin to express adequately my gratitude for everything that was done for us.

And I do appreciate your words of recognition that (my wife) made a great positive impression on the lives of people of all sorts. Yet, she was just my sweetheart and beloved companion. It was a true joy to have been able to care for her at home.

Again, with thanks, John

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Celebrating 40 years!

We are so grateful to be recognizing 40th years of service in 2020.  Thank you to all of the volunteers and community supporters who help us keep this mission strong!

Support for those who've lost a loved one to drugs

Watch WABI's segment on Hopsice Volunteers of Hanock County support group for those whose lost a loved one to drugs.

Dearest Folks at Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County,

My family and I can’t thank you enough for all you did to care for our mother. You helped make the last days of her life have more joy and peace than anything we could do.


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