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Grief Support

Support Promotes Healing

Grief is a natural response to loss. Mourning is the outward expression of grief – shock, sadness, anger, hurt, loneliness and fear. The way to heal and reconnect is through the grief process.

Grieving is hard in our culture. Even those who love us most may not understand our grief or how to help. You are not alone. Support from others who have also experienced a loss can help you cope with the pain of grief.

The Caring Hearts Bereavement Program at Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County offers individual and group grief support for adults, children and teens after a death from illness, accident or suicide.

  • Support Groups offered throughout the year
  • Support and Crisis Intervention for community organizations including schools, churches and businesses
  • Bereavement Retreat
  • Holiday Program
  • Volunteer and professional training
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Registrations for the Fall 2021 Support Groups is closed.

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County offers Bereavement Services for the families of our patients and for people in the community at large. Any agency or individual who wants individual or group grief support please contact our Bereavement Services Coordinator @ 667-2531.

​Current Grief Groups

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County offers free online grief support group for those who have lost a loved one.

This group is:

  • Confidential and free of charge
  • Meets online weekly for 8 weeks
  • A great way to find support and make friends
  • Pre-registration is required

Registrations for the Fall 2021 Support Groups is closed.

If you would like to be added to a list for future support groups, please provide the following information:
One on One Support

 For more information you can email [email protected] or call our office at 667-2531.

Examples of some of our Bereavement services:


Call us at  (207) 667-2531 to discuss our grief support options.


  • Those Who Have Lost a Loved One to Drug Overdose
  • Those Who Have Lost a Loved One to Suicide
  • Widows, Widowers and Partners
  • Those Who Have Lost a Loved One
  • For Parents and Grandparents Who Have Lost a Child


We appreciate all that you do for members of our community, and have heard from some of you that meeting with other First Responders to share and receive support for the grief that often comes from the challenging things you witness would be a good thing. We are prepared to offer this support. Just fill out the registration form and check the First Responder box, and we will plan from there.