Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County is a non-profit, Maine State Licensed volunteer support organization, founded in 1980. Our mission is to provide non-medical assistance to patients and families who are facing the end-of-life, support to those who grieve the loss of a loved one, and provide education and advocacy for the community on death and bereavement issues.

Our Mission

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County seeks to enhance the lives of those experiencing life-limiting illness and grief and loss by providing quality, cost-free compassionate support and comfort.

Our guiding values are: dedication to the preservation of individual choice, dignity and quality of life; support for volunteers and the hospice team; hospice education, advocacy and community engagement.

Why We Have Thrived for 40 years

  • The organization was founded in answer to a need within the community – A need for this type of service that a local physician, Dr. Ed Ferguson, recognized, and his efforts that brought colleagues and other members of the community together to form a caring and responsive organization based right here among Hancock County’s residents.
  • As each aspect of the organization’s mission evolved, (Patient Care and Caregiver Support, Bereavement (Grief) Support, and Community Education), members of the organization were committed to “doing it right” – working with local colleagues, following state licensing guidelines, developing state-of-the art trainings, recruiting and supporting compassionate and committed volunteers who serve within their own communities.
  • Being responsive to the needs of the community as they evolve and become known, i.e. broadening to serve patients earlier in their journeys than is defined by medical hospice programs, expanding knowledge regarding the needs of those being served – Veterans and their families, those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, GLBT elders, for example – and developing programs and services designed to meet unique needs.
  • Expanding perceptions of our services to allow more to benefit from them:  the varied layers of grief associated with Aging & Loss, and supporting individuals and families with the process of end-of-life care planning, for example.
  • Throughout the organization’s history, HVHC has remained fiscally and professionally responsible while remaining true to its mission of service, hospitality and dedication to the dignity of all people.

Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County Non-discrimination Policy:

No one will be refused service by Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County (HVHC) on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, diagnosis, disabilities or types of treatment. Services will be provided in a non-judgmental manner to all individuals and caregivers. If the needs of the individual or caregiver exceed the scope of HVHC services, assistance will be offered in identifying other supportive services if possible.