Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County is a non-profit, Maine State Licensed volunteer support organization, founded in 1980.


Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County enhances the lives of those experiencing life-limiting illness, grief and loss, by providing quality, cost-free compassionate support and comfort.


Hospice Volunteers of Hancock County will be the organization of choice for providing expert volunteer support and deep compassion for those in our community and their caregivers struggling with life-limiting illness or loss. HVHC will lead the community to greater understanding and acceptance of end-of-life and grief processes.



We deliver our services with honesty and transparency, maintaining the highest ethical standards as we build positive relationships and trust with those we serve and our community.


We are sensitive to individual situations and bring kindness, understanding and empathy through listening, accepting, and meeting people where they are.


We are welcoming to those who need our support and respect personal choice, culture, and diversity without judgment and with the utmost dignity.


We are flexible and always moving forward as we continue to look for opportunities to grow and serve our community, finding answers and breaking beyond conventional thought patterns.


We nurture a culture that delivers quality service as we devote ourselves to continuous improvement in everything we do.