Each year at our Annual Meeting, we recognize a few volunteers who have gone “above and beyond” over the previous year. Named after early volunteer Zeke Dennett, the awards acknowledge the spirit of Zeke’s mantra: “The more you do unselfishly, the more you live abundantly.” Our wish is for all volunteers to know how much you are appreciated not only for all that you do, but for who you are.

Congratulations to Ned Johnston, who not only led the sailing crew that represented HVHC at the national regatta in Charleston, SC – and brought home the winning trophy, but has also served many patients and their families over the past year with love, compassion, and extraordinary kindness. He has taken patients on excursions around MDI and beyond, baked brownies, brought flowers, sat vigil and cleaned out houses, just to mention a few things, going well above and beyond in his volunteer duties.

Florence French and Rachel Chamberland are always willing to jump in and help with whatever needs to be done- whether it be mailings, making food for volunteer events, facilitating support groups, or showing up to a meeting early at just the right time to be recruited to help prepare food. They are pretty much up for anything and no matter what they are doing, they do it with kindness, patience, and humor.

In the months since our Bereavement Services Coordinator position has been vacant, the Bereavement Support Volunteers have remained involved and committed to keeping our Caring Hearts Bereavement Program running- through the conclusion of the spring support groups and preparation for fall groups, through monthly meetings, the provision of one-on-one support to individuals, the making of Memory Heart pins, and through their comradery and support for one another.